In the pandemic context we adapt to today's in-situ and generate an ONLINE residence format: FlussLab_Pandemia #1 and FlussLab_Pandemia #2.





The first edition of  FlussLab_Berlin was in the outskirts of Berlin in Natural reserve Märkische Schweiz, more precisely Julianenhof.


Six days encounter of interdisciplinary intersections between 4 selected participants.

In this opportunity of the STEAM micro-residency, the participants presented their materials in the exhibition called THE ZONE at  TOP Gallery, a transdisciplinary project room) in Berlin.

The experience of translation from the natural environment to the city as well as the physical to digital interpretation of the pieces produced created a dialog between natural and artificial environments intervented. 




DELTA(Buenos Aires)



In March 2019 FlussLab_Delta hosted 4 micro-residencies for interdisciplinary collaborations in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, more precisely in the Delta of Tigre. More than 16 participants then were part of this processes of creation in the natural environment. As the first editions of the micro residencies proposed by @Flusslab, in dialog between Buenos Aires and Berlin, the produced materials were open to the residents of the island, and documented for further iterations.