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Transdisciplinary Residency
As a platform for traditional practices and innovation processes.


Established in 2018, FlussLab is a resource center and networking platform dedicated to supporting artists, scientists, and researchers from around the world.

We create collective and communal spaces that foster exploration, processes, and potential outcomes.
The extraordinary experiences within our unique space complement the diverse technical and cultural resources that our participants bring to the community.


FlussLab's mission is to provide the space, tools, and support necessary to foster a collaborative environment across various disciplines. We welcome all those interested in STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) who are eager to engage in interdisciplinary dialogues.

To date, we have welcomed over 80 residents from 16 countries across the globe in our 16 previous editions. Our goal at FlussLab is to support artists throughout their creative journey while accompanying their professional and artistic development.

We propose two residency formats that can be accessed through an open call application: 

* On-site Residency. 4 - 8 Weeks (February-March in Isla del Tigre, Buenos Aires,                                                            Argentina; and August-September in Berlin)



* Online Residency. Two weeks (July and November) + exhibition

*We encourage all participants to seek public or private financial support (funding institutions, companies, etc.) or institutional aid to cover expenses. We offer invitation letters for the accepted participants.

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