FlussLab is an interdisciplinary Residency created with the intention to build bridges between Argentina and Germany.


The residency currently follows the summer: once a year in the southern hemisphere at the suburbs of Buenos Aires (Island in Delta de Tigre), and then in the northern hemisphere summer just outside of Berlin (Naturpark Märkische Schweiz).

FlussLab intends to generate an extraordinary space which is interdisciplinary and self regulated by the participants through the experiences in situ.

During the residency, common and communal contexts are promoted in which the explorations, processes and results emerge through the interactions of the participants.

The residency aims to create collaboration in an environment surrounded by nature. The target groups are artists and everyone interested in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) who seek to share a personal creative process and to be open to receive what the other participants offer in a collaborative and transformative way.

In this context, the experience itself is contrasted with the technical and cultural resources that the individual participants share with the community in residency.


Based on a tentative schedule proposed by the organizers, the activities, as well as the goals of the encounter, are defined together with the attendants during the event.

*We encourage all participants to seek public or private financial support (funding institutions, companies, etc.) or institutional aid to cover expenses. We offer invitation letters for the accepted participants.